How is Penelope's character in The Penelopiad different from her character in The Odyssey?

A) she is more bitter***
B) she is more courageous
C) she is more subservient

In The Penelopia, which of the following BEST describes the tone kept by Penelope when describing Odysseus?

A) angry
B) sarcastic***
C) despondent

Based on the meaning of the suffix -ify, what does the very objectify mean?

A) to act as an object
B) to become objective
C) to turn something into an object***

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  1. Apparently, no one here (tutors) is familiar with the Penelopiad.

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  2. Did you get the answers you picked right because I’m super confused

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  3. Her answers are correct
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C

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  4. Thx Ally!

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  5. ally is correct! still work in dec. 2019

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  6. A, B, C correct for Connections Penelopiad Quick Check.

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  7. Still working here in march 2020
    Thank You So Much!!!

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