The path a star take in its life time is determined by

Its location in the universe****

Its temperature

Its luminosity

Its mass

I think its A, but I'm not quite sure. Could someone help me understand this better?

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  1. I think the path the question is referring to is the evolution of the star over its lifetime ... like the main sequence

    that is determined by the star's mass

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  2. Well, the other choices are dead wrong :)

    In general the path you take depends on the forces on you and your initial trajectory.
    The forces are gravity from other bodies, in the direction of those bodies.
    Thus location is vital. Since the force of gravity is proportional to mass, that could be important but since the mass is in every equation, in the end it is the location that counts.

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  3. s Scott said, path may not be in space but in state in which case his reply makes more sense.

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