Which property is illustrated by the statement.
(2+3.4) + 6 = 2 + (3.4 + 6)

Associative property of addition (i chose this)
Commutative property of multipliction
Inverse property of multiplication
Commutative property of addition

I know its not commutative because there are para thesis and it has to follow a certain order

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  1. Yes, you are correct, it shows the associative property of addition.

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  2. Isnt this from a test? Does anyone know all the answers or does it change the questions around so theres no cheating....

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  3. What are they

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  4. @hi there,help? i dont think so, because i opened the test 4 times and it didnt alternate, unlike other ones. i think ms sue is dropping the ban hammer on anyone who posts the answers, so you'll have to be quick on the draw

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  5. Yeah be quick, and the last day for the semester is today so hurry.

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  6. Algebra 1 A Final Exam CONN.ACAD
    1) A- associative property of addition
    2) B- rational numbers
    3) B- 6(×+4)
    4) B - 1/12
    5) B. 4/5
    6) C. 9/49
    7)A. -24
    8)C- (3,11)
    9) B. 2=8
    10)D. a=-75
    11)D. B=3
    12)A. (5,6,7,8)
    13)A. X > or equal to 4(dont have that sign)
    14)A. 4x > or equal to 240; x >or equal to 60
    15)A. 52
    16)A. ○ at -6 goes to the left
    17)A. ● at -5 going left and at 3 going right
    18)C. Y=3,y=15
    19)C. curved dots to the right
    20)C. Decreasing linear
    21)A. C(n)=.075n-.05
    22)A. (-8,2,3) (-6,4,8,9)
    23)C. Yes;8
    24)D. Question is Y=|2x|+1 (graph)
    25)D. No,y doesn't vary directly with x
    26)A. Question is 4x-7y=-28 (graph)
    27)B. -2
    28)D. -5/8
    29)B. 0
    30)D. Y-5=2/3(×+3)
    31)A. Y=5/2×+12
    32)D. 4x+5y=-10
    33)C. Neither
    34)C. Y=4×+17
    35)B. (Graph) point at -2
    36)A. (8/15, 12/5)
    37)C. Infinitely many
    38)C. Y< or equal to 1
    39)B. 4 days
    40)B. Y=5×-2,y=5×-4
    41)A. (5/3,41/3)
    42)B. (Graph) shades to right of .5
    43)B. Y< or equal to 5x-1 and y> or equal to-3×+4
    44)A. Positive correlation
    45)A. 0.956
    46)D. 183 minutes
    47)A. I can't be confident at all, this is about as close to a random guess you can get.
    Use to check...if you didn't do well all semester then you want to miss a few here. You pick and choose! Good luck

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  7. is lionesscave3 correct?

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  8. i got 11% i can fix it with a live lesson with my math teacher

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  9. Can you post the right answers?

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