A scale model of a car is 10 in. long. The actual car is 15 ft long. What is the scale of the model?

1 in. : 1.5 in. **

1 in. : 18 in.

1 in. : 24 in.

1 in. : 18 ft


Apples cost $2.40 for 3 lb. At that rate, how many pounds of apples can you buy for $8.00?

9 lb

10 lb **

12 lb

11 lb


Refer to the diagram below. Surveyors know that ΔPQR and ΔSTR are similar. What is PQ, the distance across the lake?

(This one has a picture but I can't put it down!)

3.20 km

3.24 km

3.60 km

2.80 km

(I'm SOOO Confused on this one)

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    3. Can't respond without diagram.

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