On Friday, Delilah ran 3 6/10 miles.On Saturday, she ran 4.2 miles. On Sunday she ran 1.5 times as far as Friday and Saturday combined. How far did she run on Sunday?

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  1. Is it
    3.6 + 4.2
    Added these are 7.8
    Mulitply by 1.5 to get. 11.7
    Could be wrong but thats what i think

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  2. I checked with teacher, its wrong.
    Only 1 out of 96 students got it correct!
    So hard, good try, though

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  3. Yes, 11.7 miles on Sunday

  4. I got the same answer.

    What does your teacher say is the right answer.

  5. It was a test, computer checked it, computer said it was wrong

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  6. The teacher does not explain it.
    She wants us to do it by ourselves

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  7. Baloney! The computer was wrong. Your "teacher" is not a real teacher if s/he does not explain it.

    I've seen many wrong computer answers on Jiskha.

    Also if only 1 out of 96 gets a problem correct, there is something wrong with the problem.

  8. I agree 100% with Ms Sue

    the correct answer to the question as stated is 11.7

    doesn't matter what the computer or your teacher says

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  9. This is a fake school if the teacher won't explain.

  10. d = 1.5(3.6+4.2) = 11.7 miles.

    Do your teacher know how to solve the problem?

    Can she get the opinion of another math teacher at the school?

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