I have to answer some questions for my english class on the Scarlet Letter, can anyone help with any of these?

1. Chapter 13- What qualities of Hester's seem to be diminishing during these years of wearing the scarlet letter? What causes these changes?

2. Ch. 19- Give examples of 3 paradoxes

3. Ch. 20-21- Hawthorne writes, "Children have always a sympathy in the agitatoins of those connected with them." Explain how Pearl illustrates this statement.

4. Ch 22-23- Dimmesdale's redeeming action is the climax of the novel. Report what happens.

Dimmesdale describes his impending as "triumphant ignominy." Explain this paradox.

4- Ch 24- Quoting from this chapter, state the theme of the novel.

Explain the symbolism of the tombstone.

If anyone could help me with any of these questions, that would be GREAT!

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Rather than doing any work for you, here are some things to help you:

Barron's Booknotes You'll love this site! Be sure to go to the 2nd part where you will find "The Scarlet Letter." (

Literature Study Guides - SparkNotes Select either "List of Titles" and the letter "S" on the alphabet ruler. You can also select "Author" when you know the author but not the title. You can download & print, but if for example you select the blue "Content" it is there for you to read. Plenty of Study Guides to help you. (

There are always Cliff Notes but you have to purchase those. The 2 above are "free."

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