Graph y=5^x and y=log_5 x on a sheet of paper using the same set of axes. Use the graph to describe the domain and range of each function. Then identify the y-intercept of each function and any asymptotes of each function.
So far I have:
Y=5^x :
D: ??
R: y>0
Y-intercept: 1
Asymptotes: y=0
Y=log_5 x :
Y-intercept: none
Asymptotes: x=0

can anyone tell me if this is correct? Or help me find out how to do the other parts that I was not able to find out? Thank you so much!!

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  1. the domain of all exponentials is (-∞,∞)
    and the range is (0,∞)

    For logs, they are reversed, since it is the inverse function.

    exponentials all pass through (0,1)
    logs all pass through (1,0)

    your asymptotes are also correct.

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  2. So for the first one:
    Domain: (-∞,∞)
    Range: (0,∞)
    Y-intercept: 1

    and for the second one:
    Domain: (∞,-∞)
    Range: (∞,0)
    Y-intercept: -1

    this is what I understood from your response?

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  3. No, for logs, you have
    Domain: (0,∞)
    Range: (-∞,∞)
    x-intercept: 1

    Take a look at the graphs, fer pete's sake!

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