Math(Connexus 6th) Unit 6

A mail-order supplier of small electrical parts charges a shipping fee of $8, plus $5 for each push-button light switch ordered. If x is the number of push-button switches ordered, then the expression for the total cost of an order is 5x + 8. Which table shows the total cost for the given number of switches ordered?
A.Number of Switches Cost (in $)
x 5x + 8
1 45
2 50
3 55

B.Number of Switches Cost (in $)
x 5x + 8
1 13
2 18
3 23

C.Number of Switches Cost (in $)
x 5x + 8
1 5
2 10
3 15

D.Number of Switches Cost (in $)
x 5x + 8
1 14
2 50
3 55

  1. cost = 5x+8
    if x = 1 , cost = 5+8 = 13
    if x = 2 , cost =10+8 = 18
    if x = 3 , cost =15+8 = 23

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  2. Thanks Damon

  3. hole test awsersers PLZ

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