U.S history

Which of he following was an effect of the Missouri compromise ?
A. Western Territories could only enter the union if they permitted slavery
B. There were more senators in Congress from Free states then slave states
C. Missouri enter the union as a slave state and Maine Entered as a free state
D. People in southern Missouri could own slaves, but people in northern Missouri could not

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asked by Amanda
  1. What have you learned about the Missouri Compromise from your text?

  2. I need help fast it’d supposed to be done today but no one has been able to tell me the answer. I’d really appreciate it . Thanks you guys . So much !

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    posted by Amanda
  3. There wasn’t a text for me to go by .? If that’s what your asking I’m confused a little ? Sorry

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    posted by Amanda
  4. What! No text! Why not? Where does your school recommend you find the answers?

  5. Google the Missouri Compromise if you can't read your assigned materials or you haven't read your course requirements to find out what reading is recommended or assigned.

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    posted by Reed
  6. If anyone expects to just be "given" the answers, they are sadly mistaken.

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    posted by Reed
  7. ms sue ps ppl are using this site to cheat didnt know if you knew

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  8. Of course, we know. That's why overt cheaters are banned and their posts deleted.

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  9. 1st is D thats all I can tell you, the other 3 questions I can't get the answer out of nobody.. I'm behind in history so bad now. :/

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    posted by Nlurry
  10. The answer is C, Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, while Maine entered as a free state, mainly to keep the balance of power in Congress since there was 11 slave states and 11 free states in the US at the time.

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    posted by Anon

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