which is true statement about the North American Free Trade Agreement?

NAFTA is the most successful of the world's largest free trade zone in the world.

NAFTA has established the largest free trade zone in the world.

NAFTA was created after world war 2 to promote fiscal stability.

NAFTA was estabilshed to prmote global literacy and reduce world poverty

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  1. What does your text say?

  2. When you've read your text and can venture YOUR suggested answer, we'll check it for you.

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  3. I'm sorry the rest of my text didn't go through. At the bottom I had said that I chose B.

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  4. No.
    What does your text say?

  5. In case anyone still needs it, the answers are:
    1. B. NAFTA has established the largest free trade zone in the world.
    2. B. to promote the foreign policy positions of the United States.
    3. D. a decrease in U.S. manufacturing jobs.

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  6. correct^

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  7. MJ has the answers

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  8. B


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    1. C

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  11. Robert is right

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