8. Roger broke out in an awful rash after hiking in an area where poison oak grows. he is likely suffering from______.

A) asthma
B) an allergy<<<<
C) cancer
D) hemophilia

9. If you wanted to research the components of a well-balanced diet, which federal agency's website you visit?

A) USDA<<<<

10. which is the federal agency that encompasses the CDA, FDA, and NIH?

B) EPA<<<<

11. you can spread allergies to another person. True or False? false

12. food poisoning is infectious. True or False? false

13. government-run health agencies are funded with taxpayers' dollars. True or False? true

14. Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia are infectious. True or False? false

15. you can catch mononucleosis by kissing someone who has it. True or False? true

16. hand-washing will prevent most types of cancer. True or False? true?

17. cancer and allergies are examples of environmentally influenced diseases. True or False? true

18. it is safe to cut vegetables on the same surface after cutting raw meat without washing between preparations. True or False? false

19. viral infections can be cured with antibiotics. True or False? true

20. you can spread a cold by sharing popcorn at the movies. True or False? true?

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  1. @Ms.Sue

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  2. I don't think 10 is right. Please check your text.

    16 and 19 are wrong.

    The others are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. is 10 d? or?

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  4. @Ms.Sue

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  5. I think 10 is d. But be sure to check your text.

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    Ms. Sue
  6. Tests are available for change, please be careful. As long as there are no major discoveries, you should be good for PE

    1. B, disease
    2. B, a noninfectious disease
    3. A, cancers
    4. D, environmental disease
    5. C, asthma
    6. D, disease prevention
    7. B, osteoporosis
    8. B, an allergy
    9. A, USDA
    10. C, HHS
    11. B, false
    12. A, true
    13. A, true
    14. B, false
    15. A, true
    16. B, false
    17. A, true
    18. B, false
    19. B, false
    20. A, true

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  7. connexus is CORRECT 20/20

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