@Ms. Sue

Why does everyone be rude and/or salty to you? You have helped me a lot as a student, and I am very thankful for it.

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  1. As a third party, perhaps I can answer your question - which is not about homework, but is a valid one. Ms. Sue is an educator. She does not believe just telling students the answers is helping them learn. The purpose of school/education is to learn how the world around us works, how math and science inform our understanding of the world, etc. Just knowing the "right" answer isn't enough to learn about the topic. Some students do not care about learning, but just want to pass the quiz and get it over with. When we, tutors, refuse to just "give" the answers, some students get angry with us. Besides, just giving out the answers is cheating. I've known Ms. Sue for a very long time. She is a good teacher, and treats everyone fairly. She also demands that students "play fair", but some don't want to do so.

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  2. Thank you, Reed.

  3. :)

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  4. maybe because she is a salty old hag who uses the title ms. to make herself be superior

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