The map of a biking trail is drawn on a coordinate grid.

The trail starts at P(−3, 2) and goes to Q(1, 2).
It continues from Q to R(1, −1) and then to S(8, −1).

What is the total length (in units) of the biking trail?


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  1. You will have to use your distance formula three times.
    Add the lengths of PQ , QR, and RS
    I will do QR, you do the other distances , PQ and RS

    Q(1,2), R(1,-1)
    QR = √( (1-1)^2 + (-1-2)^2 )
    = √( 0 + 9)
    = 3 units

    Just noticed that all your trips are either horizontal or vertical, so this is really easy.
    Just count how far you have gone horizontally:
    -3 ---> 8 which is 11 units
    how far vertically:
    2 ----> -1 , that is 3 units

    so you have gone 11 units.

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  2. 25 units

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