I'm writing a movie review of the film "Beasts of No Nation." I am struggling to come up with a creative title for it. Any suggestions?

The movie is about a child soldier, forced into a civil war, and how he completely changes from a moral person to a war criminal capable of murder. My claim in the review is that the cinematography, editing, directing, and acting all make the film emotionally exhausting and incredibly potent. I wanted the title to be "Beasts or Freedom Fighters" but that would work better for an essay on the events/plot, not a movie review.

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asked by Maya
  1. No movie review is complete without discussion of the plot. Is it believable? Does the story itself have an emotional impact? The movie is the total of all the efforts, from the writing to the acting, direction, lighting, sets, camera work, editing, costumes - everything.

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    posted by Reed

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