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crydabu need help unscrambling the word ..hint has to be a word related to spring or easterwith spring or easter

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are allowed 2 words, it could be "buy card." Other than that, list the vowels: a, u, possibly y. Then list the consonants: b, c, d, r. Now try combinaations of letters: dr.., cr..., br... I have an anagram program but nothing came up as one word.

Try these:




P.S. The only one word I can think of is "Cadbury" as in Cadbury Chocolates!

Ooooo, those yummy Cadbury Eggs (Easter treats, not available the rest of the year). Yessirree!!


Makes sense (cadbury) and you can't eat just one;-)

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asked by Kristyn

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