pete and tom sold 41cds and tom sold 9more,.how many did pete sold. how do i get the anwser,

It isn't clear to me how many Tom sold? IF he sold nine more than Pete
then X = # Pete sold
X + 9 = # Tom sold
X + X + 9 = 41.
Solve for X.
Post your work if you get stuck.

explain to me how i get the x, the question is how many more did tom sold, if both sold 41 but tom sold 9 more than pete. i don't understand this,

TomSold + Petesold=41 That is given.
also given is that Tomsold= Petesold+9

So putting that into the first equation..
(Petesold+9) + Petesold =41
2*Petesold + 9=41
2*Petesold = 41-9
2*petesold= 32
Petesold=32/2 = 16
and tomsold is that Plus 9


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