Which options accurately describe why Portugal sought to explore the west coast of Africa in the 15th century?
(Select all that apply.)

to trade for African slaves

to trade for spices and gold

to spread Judaism

to spread Islam

b and d

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  1. Not d.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. b and c?

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  3. chillax she isn't gonna just give answers away to malia if she guesses on every one without using any critical thinking skills

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  4. whats the answer???? HELP please

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  5. im guessing its b and a from all this guess and check stuff

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  6. I understand what all the commotion is about, but perhaps someone who knows the answer could assist those who don't?

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  7. The answer is A and B. Slaves were a hot item to trade during these times and it was often for gold to be used as currency so it's obvious they'd want that. Hope this helps!

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  8. the answers are A and B

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