Which accurately describes life events of explorer Hernando de Soto? 

Fernando de Soto led the first successful expedition to the Polynesian islands including Tahiti

Fernando de Soto led expeditions through the attic looking for the southwest passage to Asia

Fernando de Soto helped conquer the Inca empire in Peru before exploring the Mississippi River

Fernando de Soto established an English colony in Australia which later served as a prison


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  1. Yes, C.

    through the attic? LOL!

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    Ms. Sue
  2. thank you.

    Haha I didn't see that

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  3. I don't think he found any secret passages in the attic. Tunnels usually are dug underground.

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  5. She meant the Arctic, not attic.

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  6. Yeah, I don't think you can make to Asia through someones attic. It would have to be massive.

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  7. we have an r/whoosh waiting for Collin in the front of office

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  8. Hernando de Soto lead expeditions through the Arctic looking for the Northwest passage to Asia.

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  9. reed

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  10. I think Ms. Sue was smoking too much crack.

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