I am totally lost on this one.


I think I have to draw the cyclopentane shape with the single bond going straight CH3 and I am lost from there.

Draw the cyclopentane as a 5-cornered box.
| &nbsp|
C &nbspC
&nbsp\ &nbsp/
Start numbering with ANY carbon atom you choose. Put a -CH3 group on C #1, and two CH3 groups on C #2. Then fill in H atoms on all C atoms to make a total of four bonds for each C atom.
I hope this drawing is good enough. It it can't be interpreted, I will try again.

I think that looks close enough for you to know what I am talking about.

Is this what it should look like or close enough to it

| |
\ /

Difficult to draw in text is it not.


It was a problem that early printers of organic chemistry texts had to cope with.

Does this representation help?

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