AP Environmental Science-Ecosystems

1. What are the physical products of cellular respiration?
a. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
b. Nitrogen and carbon
c. Glucose and oxygen
d. Glucose and water
e. Water and carbon dioxide

2. If the biomass of flowers that support the butterflies was known to contain 100,000 units of energy, and certain bird species were eating the butterflies that foraged on the flowers, what amount of energy, on average, could be expected to be transferred to the birds?
a. 10
b. 100
c. 1,000
d. 10,000
e. 50,000

My answers:
1. c. glucose and oxygen
2. d. 10,000 (my teacher has said this was incorrect, but wouldn't 90% of the energy be lost, leaving it left to 10% remaining?

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asked by Emily

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