Help meh please
Check my answers I at dis

1. 4y+3≤y+6


2. -2y>2


3. y/3<-1


4. 3y≤2y+3

Answer= y≤1

5. Sari has to read a book for English class by the end of the week. She wants to read at least 200 pages in the first 5 days of the week. On average, how many pages should sari read per day to meet her goal?

Answer= 40 pages

A painter earnes 15 per hour. What is the minimum number of hours he must work to earn at least $200? Write an inequality to represent this situation and solve. Show your work.

Answer= idk man how does this work... Someone help me!

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  1. the first three are correct
    3y - 2y ≤ 3
    y ≤ 3

    #5, corrrect

    number of hours = 200/15 = 13 1/3 hrs

    15t ≥ 200 , where t is the number of hours

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  2. Thanks brih

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