Solve each formula for n.
2n = 4xp-6

In the first example, divide both sides of the equation by 2
In the second example, add n to both sides of the equation.
Try these yourself. They aren't that hard. We will be glad to critique your work.
There is no "n" in the last example.

1. 2n=4xp-6
Divide 2 from both sides:

2. 3m-n=4s
Subtract 3m from both sides:
Divide -1 from both sides:

For the last one I meant -


If 8a+2n=6b, then
2n = 6b - 8a
n = 3b - 4a

You seem to understand this pretty well.

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  1. A=1/2h(b+b) find the hieght if the base is cm and 8cm and the area is 56cm.

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