Rounding to significant figures
99.98 to 3 significant figures
Can it apply to this number as if I round to 100 this is one significant figure or we keep it as 99.9. Please clarify

And same number to 2 sig figure
Will it be 100? Or it stays 99
Round to 1 significant figure is 100 for sure .

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  1. the decimal point after 100 makes all three figures significant

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  2. Thanks Scott. I get it about 100. By adding decimal point becomes 3 dig fig
    What about rounding 99.98 to 2 sig fig?
    100 will have one sig fig

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  3. 1.0E2 is 100 with two sig fig

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  4. Thanks again Scott!
    Wow.. 1.0e2 .. didn’t even think that one with this 100 is in 2 sig fig!

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  5. Great answer!

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