1. What was one reason Tecumseh wanted to form a confederation?
A. to end fur trading amongst setters
B. to stop the advancement of white settlement
C. to take over the Canadian territory****
D. to have the ability to fight the War Hawks

  1. 1
asked by plz help
  1. No.


    posted by Reed
  2. so is it B

    posted by Help REED
  3. Yes, B.

    posted by Reed
  4. thank u

    posted by need help
  5. You're welcome.

    posted by Reed
  6. 1. B
    2. C
    3. B & D
    4. A

    100% correct answers for Connexus 8th Grade Social Studies unit 4 Lesson 5 Quick Check

    posted by helper
  7. "helper" is correct, I got 100%

    posted by Ciel Phantomhive
  8. Helper is correct but it is actually Unit 5 lesson 5

    posted by Mrs. Sue
  9. Yes its Unit 5 lesson 5 im just here to clear it up

    posted by Bruh
  10. you are a life saver

    posted by THANKYOU helper
  11. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH helper I got a 100% on my quick check in connexus!!! thank you XD :))
    Have a wonderful day

    posted by I LOVE HORSES
  12. does anyone else feel like Mrs. Sue spends a little too much time on this web site?

    posted by fadf
  13. Yes fadf I have seen a crap load of her post from 2001 thru 2017 I am shocked she is even alive because of how much she does this but I wonder if she some kinda bot lol well I gtg

    posted by Prince
  14. el correcto

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  15. Correctus for Connexus~

    posted by Tentacle Daddy~
  16. Q.1) "What was one reason Tecumseh wanted to form a confederation?"
    A.1) "to stop the advancement of white settlement"

    Q.2) "What arrangement did President Madison make with France to stop the seizing of American ships?"
    A.2) "to trade with France but not with Britain"

    Q.3) "What difficulties did the U.S. face in preparing for war with Britian?"
    A.3/4) "Britain had a much larger navy than the U.S." and "The U.S. had a small army compared to Britain."

    Q.4) "What destroyed the confederation Tecumseh had built?"
    A.5) "Tecumseh's death"

    In short,
    1) B
    2) C
    3) B and D
    4) A

    posted by Anonymous :)
  17. lol yeah. I hate all these tests and portfolios... ugh

    posted by Kat From Connections
  18. The answers are for Unit 6 Lesson 5 actually. I got a 100% btw!

    posted by Hope
  19. I agree with Hope, it is actually Unit 6 lesson 5.
    And I hate tests and portfolios too!!!

    posted by My Little Pony

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