There are 50 lockers, numbered 1 throught 50, in a short hall at Phillips Middle School. Mr. Giannetti hid trears for his class in one of the lockers. He gave the class the following clues about the locker where the treats are located.
Clue 1. The number is even.
Clue 2. The number is divisible by 3.
Clue 3. The number is a multiple of Mr. Giannetti's lucky number 7.
In which locker are the treats located?

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  1. What are the multiples of 7 under 50?

    Which of those is divisible by 3?

    Which of those is even?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1000

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  3. There are 50 lockers numbered 1 through50 in a short hall at Phillips middle school. Mr. Giannetti hid treats for his class in one of the lockers. He gave the class the followings clues about the lockers where are located.

    Clue 1: the numbers is even
    Clue2: the number is divisible by 3
    Clue3: the numbers is a multiple of Mr. Giannetti's lucky number,7 in which locker are treats located?

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