Which of the answer choices correctly describes an action that will increase the solubility of a solid solute in water?

cool the solution

increase the pressure

heat the solution

decrease the pressure

Examine the statement.
The energy required to break the bonds of the reactants in a chemical reaction is more than the energy used to form the products.
Which answer choice correctly identifies a characteristic of the reaction in the description?



a slow reaction rate

a fast reaction rate

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  1. And your thoughts?

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  2. I think the first one is C and the second one B

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  3. I mean first one c and the second one c

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  4. I agree with 1 but not 2.

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  5. was the first answer for question 2 wrong as well

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  6. Is it d?

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  7. Yes, the first answer was wrong, too.
    AB = A + B + energy ......exothermic
    AB + energy ==> A + B....endothermic

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