These are the only references I can find that put "Shakespeare" and "Kurtz" together!

I have never read any work (Shakespearean or not) with a character named Kurtz. What is the title of the work you're referring to?


Hello, its called The heart of darkness!

I haven't read this work, but if you go into this website and read about Kurtz in the analysis of major characters, you may find some help.


I need help finding this answer I read the story but don't understand. The question is How is Kurtz unable to thrive in the wilderness when he flourished in the civilized world? thanks

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all the confusion was that you entitled your posting "Shakespeare" when it would have been better to say "Heart of Darkness" or "English" or even "literature."

Here are some additional sites for you:




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