A stack of $20, $50, and $100 was retrieved as part of a police investigation. There were 36 more $50 bills than $100 bills. Also, the number of $20 bills was 8 times the number of $100 bills. If the total value of the money was $9240, find the number of each type of bill.

A. The number of $100 bills was ____.
B. The number of $50 bills was ____.
C. The number of $10 bills was ____.

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  1. number of $100 bills ---- x
    number of $50 bills ----- x+36
    number of $20 bills ----- 8x

    equations based on the value of the bills:

    100x + 50(x+36) + 20(8x) = 9240

    solve the equation and sub back into my definitions

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