Help please.

26. Write a paragraph that answers the questions below. Include at least two supporting details or examples.

In “the literature of the Americas,” Kimberly Koza writes; “By discovering the literature of our neighbors, we may also learn about ourselves.” Keeping this quote in mind, respond to the question.

Choose a selection from this unit, and write a paragraph that explains how Koza’s statement applies to the theme of the selection. Include at least two supporting details or examples. Be sure to include the title of the selection and indicate whether the author comes from Canada or Latin America.

27.) in one or two paragraphs, analyze the theme of the selection you chose for the previous question. Including at least two details to support your answer

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  1. How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. This is a question taken from your unit exam. Posting this question to a website is cheating, violates copyright laws and can get you expelled from your virtual school. Do your own schoolwork.

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  3. man shut up horace nobody like you go bother someone else

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  4. Your problem here is that Horace is right, and you already know it. It is in your Honor Code, or whatever they may call it, from your virtual school. Thus, you are okay with cheating, and willing to accept getting kicked out (failing) if you are caught. But be careful......the schools are getting smarter at using technology to catch you. You have been warned!!!

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  5. .Bruhhhhh @Alan, you are also here rn you know? Im just letting you know if you don't remember of just simply forgot!!

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  6. so uhh..is there an answer?

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