social studies

of the following,who emerged as a strong leader and organizer of colonial protests and public support

A crispus attucks
B john adams
C samuel adams
Dgeorge grenville

why did colonists oppose writs of asistance?

A they thought it limited their access to land.
B they thought it violated their rights
C they thought is unfairly taxed goods and services they produced
D they thought it gave native americans and advantage over trade?

which of the following was Desgining to keep the colonists from moving into ohio river valley?

A Pontiac's proclamation
B stamp act
C proclamation
D Townshed acts


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  2. Your text is the best source of this information.

    Google each of the terms in the last question.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. i need the answers

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  4. C

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  5. ‘Aids’ is Correct I got 100%!!!!

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  6. Yess he’s righttt !!!

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