Jerry had $1,018.00 in savings. last week he spent $84.00 on a desk and $372.00 on a computer from his savings. this week at a part time job sacking groceries jerry earned $88.00 and put $44.00 of it back into savings. how much more money does jerry need to put into savings to be back to the original balance of $1,018.00?
A) $324.00 ****
B) $368.00
C) $412.00
D) $456.00

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  1. balance after all that stuff
    = 1018 - 84 - 372 + 44
    = ...

    how much short of 1018 is that ?

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  2. 606.00 1018.00-606.00= 412.00 but how did you get 84,372 and 44???

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  3. Your question said so

    original amount = 1018
    He spent 84 on desk
    amount left = 1018-84 = 934
    He spent 372 on computer
    amount left = 934 - 372 = 562
    He put 44 back in the account
    amount after that = 562+44 = 606

    but he needs 1018 again
    amount needed = 1018-606 = 412

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  4. 412.00 it not like i did not know that

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