So I need help with 2 questions. This is what is being asked. Write the slope-intercept forms of the equations of the lines through the given point (a) parallel to the given line and (b) perpendicular to the given line.

1. (3, -2) x - y =0
2. (-4, 1) y + 2 = 0

Please Help and Thank You

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  1. parallel lines have the same slope
    perpendicular lines have slopes which are negative reciprocals. That is, m1 * m2 = -1

    The line x-y=0 has slope=1
    so, the point-slope form of the line you want is

    y+2 = 1(x-3)

    to change that to slope-intercept form, you want y = mx+b, so it's just a matter of rearranging the data

    y+2 = 1(x-3)
    y = x-3 - 2
    y = x-5

    The perpendicular line has slope -1, so it is thus

    y+2 = -1(x-3)
    y = -x+3 - 2
    y = -x+1

    Do the other line the same way.

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  2. L00K 1T UP G1R|_ F431ND

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