Which of the answer choices is a true statement about the properties of an enclosed gas?
(Select all that apply)

if a gas pressure remains constant, then increasing the temperature of a gas will increase its volume

if the gas temperature remains constant, then increasing the volume will increase its pressure

if the gas temperature remains constant, then increasing the volume will increase its pressure

if a gas volume remains constant, then increasing the temperature of a gas will increase its pressure

please help

asked by malia
  1. PV/T = constant.

    As pressure increases, volume decreases
    As volume increases, pressure decreases

    As temperature increases pressure increases

    As temperature increases volume could increase, but this is a closed system.

    I like the last choice.

    posted by John
  2. A group of students hypothesize that the amount of alcohol produced during fermentation depends on the amount of glucose that yeast are supplied with because glucose is required for yeast to produce energy in the form of ATP when oxygen is in limited supply. They perform the experiment using 0.5 grams of yeast in a 500 mL solution of one of the following glucose solutions: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30%.

    True/False: A 0% glucose solution would serve as a good control for this experiment.

    Question 3 options:

    posted by fallad

  3. A study was designed to determine whether infants who are breast fed have higher iron levels than those who are not. To do this, researchers measured the iron levels of infants who were breast-fed and infants who were fed standard baby formula without any iron supplement. Iron levels were measured at 12 months of age. What is the independent variable?

    Question 4 options:

    posted by fallad

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