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Calculate the speed of an 90,000 kg airplane with a kinetic energy of one billion Joules.

What is the mass of a car that has a kinetic energy if 4,320,000 J moving at 23 m/s?

My answer to number 1= 149.07

second one- not sure.
I looked up the internet for formulas on finding mass and speed, (ik the KE formula)
Im just stuck on these two. I looked at my lesson and it had no explanation, only on finding KE

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  1. 1. 0.5M*V^2 = KE.
    0.5 * 90,000 * V^2 = 1*10^9 J. V = ?.
    V = 149.07 J.

    2. Use same formula as #1:
    0.5M*V^2 = KE.
    0.5M * 23^2 = 4.32*10^6 J. M = ?.

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