Examine the analogy and how it compares a part to a whole.
link : chain :: atom : _____
Choose the answers that best complete this analogy.
(select all that apply)




please help

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  1. Think about the link and chain. The link is the smaller part and it takes several links put together to make a chain. An atom is small. When you put atoms together what does that make?

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  2. molecules?

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  3. I agree

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  4. so its only that one?

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  5. That's all I would choose. Atoms are matter already so I wouldn't pick that. Protons are smaller than atoms so I wouldn't pick that. You could make a case for atoms forming molecules and DIFFERENT molecules forming compounds or DIFFERENT atoms forming compounds but it's unclear to meif we are talking about the same atoms or different atoms. For example, two atoms oof oxygen or two atoms of nitrogen form a molecule of oxygen or a molecule of nitrogen. Also, an atom of nitrogen and an atom of oxygen form a molecule of nitrogen monoxide which also a compound.

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  6. Molecules

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  7. proton

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