Germany and China

I have to find out how people in Germany AND China get their drivers it what process do they have to go through


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first links will be about Germany. If you have an American license, and are in Germany for less than 1 year, you can apply for an internatiional driver's license. After 1 year, you must apply for a German driver's license, and many people do not pass it!

1.'s_license (Here, you can see a typical German license.)

The second set of links is for China:


The People's Republic of China at present does not recognize IDPs (although Hong Kong and Macao do) and requires drivers to get an additional PRC license ...'s_license (slide down about 1/2 way for "People's Republic of China.") (If you take a taxi, you don't have to worry!)

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asked by Amy

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