Could someone check my answers?

1. Why was 95% ethanol alcohol added when titrating aspirin in an experiment?

Because it helps the aspirin dry quicker and become pure while the titration is going on.

2. Would the following mistakes cause the calculated percent yield to be higher, lower, or the same as the actual percent yield? Explain.

a) The aspirin was not completely dry before weighing the product.

A: The percent yield would be lower because the aspirin would fall apart and stick to the watch glass.

b) Room temperature, not chilled, distilled water was used.

A: The percent yield would be lower because the test tube with the aspirin would not crystallize and the experiment would fail.

c) When the students weighed the salicylic acid, some of it missed the Erlenmeyer flask and fell onto the balance pan without them knowing it.

A: The percent yield would not change because the acid was not used in the experiment yet.

d) Less than the calculated amount of aetic anhydride was used.

A: The percent yield would be lower because less of the aspirin would be produced than expected.

I am being blunt but my remarks are well intentioned. And I mean no offense. However, I think most of your answers fall into the category of "I don't know the answer but I must write something." The answers are gibberish except for the answer to (d).

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