A faulty Celsius thermometer read 0.7degrees Celsius at melting point of pure ice and 99.5degrees Celsius at boiling point of water at normal pressure.
What is the correct temperature when it reads 30 degrees Celsius

asked by precious
  1. Ce is temp read

    error = e = Ce - C
    I assume error = e = m C + b
    .7 = m(0) + b so b = .7
    99.5 - 100 = -.5 = m(100) +.7

    100 m = -1.2
    m = -.012

    at Ce = 30
    e = 30 - C = -.012 C + .7
    C-.012 C = 29.3
    .988 C= 29.3
    C = 29.7

    posted by Damon

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