Jennny decided to open up her new coffee shop. Jenny needs to know how much he will need to bring in with the coffee shop to keep up with costs and revenue. With this problem, we have to make the problem into this: profit=the revenue- the cost of the buildings coffee they purchase.

With this said, suppose the coffee shop had actually franchised 3 dollars per coffee with a fixed cost of $300. With this, we can make our equation.

Cost(x) = 3x+$200

How much does Jenny need to make in revenue per month if Jenny Charged 5 dollars per coffee??

Revenue (x) = 8x

The Profit: Profit (x) = 5x – (3x+300)

asked by John
  1. If your Revenue equation is corrected to read

    Revenue(x) = 5x

    then your Profit equation is correct.

    Not sure about the "need to make" clause. It's just what she makes.

    posted by Steve

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