7) A population of ants is growing at a rate of 8% a year. If there are 160 ants in the initial population, find
the number of ants after 6 years.

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  1. 8% + 100% = 108% = 108 / 100 = 1.08

    The n-th term of a geometric sequence with initial value a1 and common ratio r is given by:

    an = a1 ∙ r ⁿ⁻¹

    In tis case :

    a1 = 160

    r = 1.08

    Need to notice that term two is after one year, so term 7 will be after 6 years.

    n = 7


    a6 = a1 ∙ r⁷⁻¹

    a6 = 160 ∙ r⁶

    a6 = 160 ∙ 1.08⁶

    a6 = 160 ∙ 1.586874322944

    a6 = 253.89989167104

    The number of ants after 6 years will be 253.

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  2. Why plusing this 100 % and rate of 8%

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