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Ronnel spent 1/5 of his money to buy food. He then spent 1/4 of the remaining money to buy magazine. If he had ₱360.00 left in his wallet, how much money did he have at first?

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  1. Let n be the amount Ronnel started with. After he spent 1/5, he had 4/5 left. Similarly, he had 3/4ths of that amount after more spending. All told, he had:
    (4/5 x 3/4)n=360
    n=360/(3/5)=600 to start with

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  2. Let the money he had at first be x
    Then let be straight forward i.e
    We can say 1-2/5x= 3/5x
    Then 3/5x=360
    Now x=360×5÷3=600
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