Of 20 people invited to a pool party, 4 prefer vanilla ice cream, 7
prefer chocolate, and 3 prefer strawberry. The host surveys six of these
people at random to determine how much ice cream to buy.
a) What is the probability that at least 3 of the people surveyed prefer
chocolate ice cream?
b) What is the probability that none prefer vanilla ice cream?
c) What is the expected number of people who prefer strawberry ice
d) What is the expected number of people who do not have a
preference for any of the three flavours?

I got 0.353 but the answer says it 0.3359, why am I wrong?

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asked by Joe
  1. You got 0.353 because of the decimals they were rounded up, so technically your answer is correct, if your teacher is decent than he would mark your answer right because its close enough.

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    posted by Brandon

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