Wood scientists are interested in replacing solid-wood building material by less expensive products made from wood flakes. Some summary statistics obtained from a study of the relationship between the length (in inches) and the strength (in pounds per square inch) of beams made from wood flakes. The scatterplot of Length versus Strength was approximately linear. We want to predict strength based on length.
Mean length = 9.500
Mean strength = 291.3
Standard Deviation length= 3.028
Standard Deviation strength = 71.2
Minimum length = 5.000
Minimum strength = 234.0
Q1 length = 6.750
Q1 strength= 242.8
Median length = 9.500
Median strength = 251.5
Q3 length= 12.250
Q3 strength = 343.3
What is the regression equation?
b1= r sy/sx= -0.882 ( 71.2/3.028)=-20.739
b0= y - b1x = 291.3 - (-20.739x 9.500)= 488.322
y= 488.322-20.739
Im getting the wrong answer

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  1. There is a calculation error for b0. It should be 488.323
    Therefore, Y=488.323+(-20.739)*x

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