how do you solve

expand the parenthesis...I will do the left side..

21x + 29=

Now, subtract sixteen x from both sides, and subtract 28 from both sides.

I will be happy to check your work.

21x + 29

is 7 times 4 28?

21x+ 28= 16x+40+13
21x+28= 16x+ 53
21x+28-28 = 16x+53-28
21x-16x= 16x-16x+25
5x= 25
do I divide now?
5x/5 =25/5

am I right?

you are right. Good work.

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  1. 2 (x-3 ) -3 (x +5 ) =3 ( x-2 ) -7

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  2. h(x)=3x=5x-3

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