Chemistry - Ionic Compounds

List all possible unit formulas (chemical formulas) that can be constructed by the formation of binary ionic compounds from the following elements. (Separate substances in a list with a comma.)

Br (Z = 35), Sr (Z = 38), Ca (Z = 20), Ga (Z = 31), O (Z = 8)

Please help! I have no idea what this is asking me to do.

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  1. Ionic compounds form between metals and non-metals. You have Sr, Ca, Ga metals and Br and O non-metals.
    Br and Sr would be SrBr2.
    Br and Ga would be GaBr3.
    etc. with Br and other metals.
    Br and O would be BrO2 but BrO2 isn't that well known AND it isn't ionic so I would include it.
    You go through with O and metals but remember to get all of the combinations with Br. I didn't include all of them.

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  2. Br ion is -1 in general

    Sr ion is +2
    Ca ion is +2
    Ga ion is +3

    O ion is - 2

    so Br and O are our negative ions
    match them up with the positives (metals)
    Sr and Br = SrBr2
    Sr and O = SrO

    Ca and Br = CaBr2
    Ca and O = CaO

    Ga and Br = GaBr3
    Ga and O = Ga2O3 2*3=6 and 3*2=6

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