Which statement regarding the impact of the federal government's budget on the personal budgets of citizens is true for the greatest number of citizens?

A. The federal government's budget does not impact peoples' personal budgets.
B. The federal government's expense is a source of income for personal budgets.
C. The people who construct the federal government are also responsible for creating citizen's personal budgets.
D. The federal government's revenue is an expense of personal budgets

I think B.

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asked by Layla
  1. Nope. Not usually. Only for the few who require public assistance. Most people do not, but they pay what?

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    posted by Reed
  2. Is it D then

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    posted by Layla
  3. I think D is the best answer, yes. We all pay taxes, if one has income. Some, if they work for the federal government, are receiving Social Security, or public assistance do receive income from the federal government, but everyone who works for wages or salaries pays income and payroll taxes.

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    posted by Reed

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