Consider Mr. Smith has an apple orchard. He hires his daughter, Lucy, to pick apples and offers her two payment options:

Option A: $1.50 per bushel of apples picked

Option B: 1¢ cent for picking one bushel, 3¢ cents for picking two bushels, 9¢ cents for picking three bushels, and so on, with the amount of money tripling for each additional bushel picked
1.Write a function to model each option.
2.If Lucy picks six bushels of apples, which option should she choose?
3.If Lucy picks 12 bushels of apples, which option should she choose?
4.How many bushels of apples does Lucy need go pick to make Option B better for than Option A?

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  1. A: y = 1.50x
    B: y = .013^(x-1)

    Now you can answer the questions...

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  2. 2.)option a
    3.)option b

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