Read the following passage from Shirley Jacksons's "The Morning of June 28 1948 and The lottery"
I had written the story three weeks before, on a bright June morning when summer seemed to have come at last, with blue skies and warm sun and no heavenly signs to warn me that my morning's work was anything but another story

Which phrase best contributes to the tone of the story?

A)three weeks before

B)Blue skies and warm sun

C)on a bright June morning

D) no heavenly signs to warm me ***

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  1. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. What are the answers to the rest of the test
    Lesson 2: Semester Exam English 9 B unit 6: semester exam
    Connections Academy

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  3. F for Emmet

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  4. my dude (emmet) where's the magic word?????

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  5. So what's the answer?

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  6. A Person we dont get the answers. becuase emmet wanted to be rude

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  7. Can we get the answer please with the writing cause we need em

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  8. How has this been going on for 3 year if your gonna cheat might as well look the answers up one by one

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