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Plugged In, but Tuned Out: The Evil Influence of the MP3 Player
Darrell Thomas

I. Invasion of the Body Snatchers:
Have you noticed a change in the world around you recently? Have you seen how more and more people are walking around with little white rectangles in their hands or pockets with long white wires plugged straight into their ears? At the grocery store yesterday, I counted at least twenty people completely lost in the music provided by their ever-present MP3 players. It’s as if the old science-fiction movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers was coming true; we are being overtaken by pod people. So at the risk of appearing to be a crotchety old man complaining about the “good ole days,” I have to make a stance against the evil influences of the MP3 phenomena on our society.

II. A Rational and Well-Thought Out Fear:
Now, I am not a Luddite; I have no desire to go around smashing up every MP3 player or technological gadget in sight. I enjoy and benefit from technological advances just like everyone else. I have a microwave, a television, a lap-top computer, a gas stove, a cell phone, and I use them all practically every day. I am not accusing MP3 players of having detrimental effects upon our society because I hate music either. I profoundly do not hate music—but I do, ridiculous as it sounds, hate personal MP3 players.

III. The Dangers and Distractions of the MP3 Player:
People who have MP3 players in their ears simply cannot hear danger approaching. All they hear is the pretend soundtrack of their lives. People walking with an MP3 player cannot hear a dog dashing up behind them nor can they hear the footsteps of a thief or murderer sneaking up behind him or her either. People who drive their cars with an MP3 player plugged in their ears (an act that is considered a traffic violation in many states) cannot hear a child screaming or a horn blowing in warning. Cell phones are known to be a factor in many car accidents, but MP3 players are surely being revealed as an equal distraction as the device becomes more and more popular. I won’t even mention how distracting MP3 players can be for a student in a classroom setting! We basically have handed a device to students that invites them to not pay attention to the real world around them.

IV. Narcissism:
Beyond just being distracting and dangerous, MP3 players are detrimental and damaging to society as a whole. MP3 players work against a community of listeners. Everyone is walking all over the neighborhood, plugged into their latest favorite playlist, but no one is talking to anyone. People who are addicted to their MP3 players don’t care about other people. They don’t want community and contact with the real world. MP3 players also actively destroy live musicians' ability to make a living with their art form. No one wants live music anymore when they can pay less to hear it instantly and privately anytime they want. If we don’t curb our use of MP3 players, all our musicians will languish and no new music will be developed.

V. Toss Them In the Trash!
People refuse to recognize the danger of MP3 players because they simply love their MP3 players too much to give them up. The MP3 players are probably doing serious physical damage to their inner eardrums or even the brain itself, but apparently that doesn’t bother anyone. I shudder to think of what the future will be like if we continue on the path of MP3 player slavery we’re traveling. Next time you’re tempted to plug in and tune out, remember my warning. Either we learn to live without MP3 players, or we’re going to turn into a nation of complete zombies. Is that where you want to live?

1. How could the author strengthen his argument about how MP3 players are dangerous when used in a car?
A) by telling us about what kind of car he drives

B) by talking about how many car accidents cell phones have
C) by making a list of the fatal accidents that occurred
last year
D) by adding some statistics from accident reports that involved MP3 players *****

2.How could the author make his argument that MP3 players actually damage listeners’ ears even more persuasive?
A) by including the statistics on hearing loss in the United States
B) by mentioning his own father’s struggle with hearing loss from old age
C) by citing statistics of how live concerts often damage audience members’ hearing
D) by quoting a doctor or audiologist who has done research on MP3 players causing hearing loss ***

3. Which detail from the selection is least relevant to the author's overall argument against MP3 players?
A) MP3 players destroy community.
B) MP3 players can damage hearing.
C) MP3 players are bad for live music.
D) MP3 players may impede student learning****

Which detail is irrelevant and could be deleted from the passage?
A) Have you noticed a change in the world around you recently? ***
B) People who have MP3 players in their ears simply cannot hear danger approaching.
C) The MP3 players are probably doing serious physical damage to their inner eardrums.
D) Beyond just being distracting and dangerous, MP3 players are detrimental and damaging to society as a whole.

asked by Haley
  1. I agree with your answers.

    posted by Reed
  2. Thx, but Ialready submitted my questions...It was an exam...I made a 85% on it!

    posted by Haley
  3. Aaarrrgghhh! Haley, you were rude to post this lengthy post and not wait for an answer from one of our tutors. Reed answered you in ten minutes -- and you then tell him that his time and effort were unnecessary.

    Don't be surprised if tutors skip some of your questions from now on.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Im sooooo sorry.. I wasn't trying to tell him that his time and effort were unnecessary, I was already sure about my answers, and I had to do my chores (since I am only and 6th grade and still learning parts of responsibility) so I was on like a 5 minute time period, and plus I was already starting to mother irritated.. so I had to hurry even more...I didn't mean any harm at all, really. I mean I LOVE jishka, I get to help others and get the help I need. I truly sorry and I'll be more patient

    posted by Haley
  5. And it is my fault.. I didn't' look on jikha until after my chores, which was like 20 minutes later..

    posted by Haley

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