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English (Please Check My Work)

(Can someone please check my work.)

1. Read the following passage found in From Emperor to Citizen.

From my infancy I was accustomed to having people kowtow to me, particularly people over ten times my own age. They included old officials of the Ching Dynasty and the elders of my own clan, men in the court robes of the Ching Dynasty and officials of the Republic in Western dress.

Another strange thing which seemed quite normal at the time was the daily pomp."

After reading these sentences, the reader can MOST LIKELY conclude that the speaker
A. Abuses the power he has over others.*****
B. Has earned the respect of the royal families.
C. Feels entitled to the privileges that came with his title.
D. Defers to the decisions of the adults who watch over him.

2. Read the following passage from "Swaddling Clothes.”

He was always busy, Toshiko's husband. Even tonight he had to dash off to an appointment, leaving her to go home alone by taxi. But what else could a woman expect when she married an actor—an attractive one? No doubt she had been foolish to hope that he would spend the evening with her. And yet he must have known how she dreaded going back to their house, unhomely with its Western-style furniture and with the bloodstains still showing on the floor...

They left the night club and Toshiko stepped into the taxi that her husband had called for her. "Take this lady to Ushigome," he told the driver and shut the door from the outside. Toshiko gazed through the window at her husband's smiling face and noticed his strong, white teeth. Then she leaned back into the seat, oppressed by the knowledge that their life together was in some way too easy, too painless. It would have been difficult for her to put her thoughts into words. Through the rear window of the taxi she took a last look at her husband. He was striding along the street toward his Nash car, and soon the back of his rather garish tweed coat had blended with the figures of the passers-by.

After reading these paragraphs, which of the following might the reader MOST LIKELY conclude about Toshiko?
A. She appreciates her husband's role as protector and caretaker of their family.
B. She is proud that she married a handsome actor.
C. She resents her husband's mannerisms and ability to dismiss her worries so casually.*****
D. She is offended that her husband has so easily adopted a lifestyle influenced by the West.

3. All of the following sentences from "From Behind the Veil" supports the story's theme about the mystery of veiled woman EXCEPT

A. "A man can be surprised to find himself turning involuntarily towards those figures, wearing long silk gowns, which give them such an enticing and alluring shape, and make the observer yearn to uncover the magic and the secrets which lie beneath them."*****
B." His desire is only increased when his gaze falls on the filmy veil. Behind it he can catch a fleeting glimpse of fine features and penciled eyebrows. which served to inflame the fire of his heart."
C. "Ihsan was not interested in chasing unveiled girls. They excused poise, which he found unattractive, and they were always looking anxiously to avoid criticism so they never looks the passer-by directly in the face."*****
D." There was nothing to stop her from feasting her eyes on him, however, because she knew that the veil covered her face and concealed the overwhelming attraction she felt for him."

I think the answer for #1 is A, #2 is C, and #3 is either A or C but I think it might be C. Can someone please check my work and tell me if I'm correct or not.

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  1. #1 is A, - no
    #2 is C, - yes
    and #3 is either A or C but I think it might be C. - I don't know

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1 - no
    2 - I agree.
    3 - I have not read the work, so can't comment

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  3. Okay thank you but to correct #1 I currently think it could be C. Am I currently correct?

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  4. Yes, 1. C.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Semester Exam 10B NOTE (my answers got me 31/40) so 9 are wrong

    1. C. Feels entitled to the privileges
    2. B. Understands the true nature
    3. C . “The vendors milled”..
    4. B. Telling the truth
    5. GOT IT WRONG wrong answer is shy yet proud
    6. A. Frustrating
    7. A. Blunt
    8. D. somber
    9. B. Foreshadowing
    10. GOT IT WRONG wrong answer The narrator wishes for a rematch
    11. A. The writer realizes that father hood
    12. GOT IT WRONG wrong answer “ But it's not true that”
    13. C. Bashir is not really related
    14. GOT IT WRONG wrong answer she recognized rama
    15. Their just going to have to wait
    16 Logos
    18 C. We had to move heaven
    19 D . Dogs should avoid eating
    20 B The elderly are often
    21 D . richest
    23 C . Their
    24 C . double negative
    26 A . “ The reporter noted that her [ Sonia Sotomayor’s ] nominated to the Supreme Court
    28 Was you and Kyle
    30 George Washington was born
    31 Dejected
    32 Target
    33 Inherited
    34 undeniable
    35 neglect
    36 uneasiness
    37 charmed
    38 rejected
    39 hostility
    40 attacked

    Hope this helps I just finished so can’t say if I got the essays right , don’t best talk selves up to much we gone make it through this school stuff :3

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  6. 1#is C
    2#is C
    3#is C

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